January 2014

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The lineup for the 2014 Houston Livestock show and rodeo is out! I checked out the list and there are a few I wouldn't might seeing this year. Check out the lineup HERE, and see if there is anyone that you want to see!


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Here in the Houston area, we stay fairly warm in the winter compared to other parts of the country. There are times when a cold front blows through and we dip below 32 degrees. Because of this, we need to think about protecting our plant, pets and pipes during that time. Part of preparing for the freezing temperatures, you must winterize your sprinkler system if you home has one. Two years in a row, I didn't winterize my sprinkler, and both times, it costs me 75 dollars in repair costs. So now I always winterize!! Here is a sprinkler system backflow preventer that has frozen, then cracked, and then when it thawed out, it became a geiser! Not good for the water bill!

backflow leak

Here is a video that shows how to quickly get your system winterized and potentially…
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If you purchased a home in 2013, you might want to think about getting your Homestead Exemption form filled out, and sent in now so you can get it knocked out. It saves you tax dollars each year, so it is worth a few moments of your time. You can get all of the details from www.hcad.org. They have a video you can watch that explains the new laws. Click here to download the fillable exemption form for residential properties in Harris County.
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