May 2016

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Today was an exciting day for some first time home buyers. We closed on their home today and they are excited! They reached out to me on the internet and asked about a home, after emailing a few times we met at a home they wanted to see. From there we worked on what they really wanted, saw a few more homes, chatted more about the Cypress area, and finally got them into a great home in Fairfield. The text I got once I told them the home was 100%  theirs was " I am very lucky to have stumbled upon you!!". Well, I am glad they found me too! :)

If you are looking for a home, and are not sure where to start, or have a home in mind and need someone to get you an appointment to see it and chat about the whole process, shoot me an email! I can walk you though

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I had the pleasure of working with another home owner who wanted to sell their home and relocate to another part of the city. So, we worked together, to be sure they could sell the home for a price they were ok with, and made sure they had a few homes in mind of what they would purchase and then we moved forward. The end result was a sold home here in Cypress and I helped them negotiate a great price on a brand new home in Manvel, and closed on both the same day! I love it !

If you are looking to sell your current home and buy another home, contact me and we can work through the details and get you through the process!

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