Chicken Enchiladas in the Cypress Area

Posted by Ron Grant on Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 at 12:06pm.

Chicken Enchiladas in the Cypress Area

After a long day helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs, I like to enjoy a nice meal with the family.

I have been on a Chicken Enchilada kick lately. Each time I go into a Mexican restaurant, that is the only thing I get.

 As time has gone on, and I have made my way to most of my favorite places to eat in the Cypress Area, I decided to make notes about what I like and do not like about each restaurant’s offering of Chicken Enchiladas.




Gringo’s serves you three shredded chicken enchiladas topped with a sour cream sauce. The enchiladas are a good size, and the portion of meat inside is good.

It comes with the typical rice and refried beans. I always get the charro beans if I can. At Gringo’s they always ask my preference, which is good, since it reminds me to get the charro beans.

Over all this is a solid dish.

Pros- Sour Cream Sauce is really good, and the beans are good too. Like that they offer 3 enchiladas.

Cons- The amount of chicken inside those three could be a little more and it might be nice to have some other sides like jalapeno or sour cream or something.



 Alicia's Mexican Grille offers three Chicken Enchiladas filled VERY full with chicken and topped with a green chile sauce.

It also comes with rice and beans as well as a side of sour cream and some lettuce and tomatoes. This is a nice touch!

PROS- 3 big enchiladas filled with a lot of chicken, offered sides that went well with the meal.

CONS- Hmmm, tough finding a con here. Maybe add some spice to the rice or something? :)



If you like spicy food, then you must try Chuy's Chicken Enchiladas called "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom".

This comes with two nicely filled chicken enchiladas topped with a spicy cheese sauce, spicy rice, and a side of pico. It comes with refried beans, but they always

ask what type style of beans I want, and I choose the charro. This is a really good tasting meal, but it is very spicy. I usually ask them for a little more sauce just to

add to the spicy torture.

PROS- Great tasting and spicy sauce! Rice is flavorful and spicy as well. Good charro beans.

CONS- It would be nice if they offered sour cream on the side, portion isn't as much as other places.


Tito's Cantina

Tito's is a new place ( Opened December 2017) in the same that Don Julio's once was. We stopped in there and this was what they offered.

It was a good meal, but the portions were pretty small, not much meat, and no sides like sour cream or pico. The Charro beans were made with black beans, so that was different.

Pro's- The Salsa was good, the taste of the Enchiladas was good and the rice was good and not dry. None of this was spicy at all.

Cons- For the price it just didn't deliver when it comes to portion. No sides like Pico or Sour Cream, and not sure about the black bean charro beans.

I read reviews about this place, and some said they had a good bread pudding, so I might have to go back for another try, and be sure to try that bread pudding!


Del Pueblo

So this place is a little out of the way. It is over on Grant rd and Jones rd. I have been to this place many times over the years, and I was in the area and stopped in, and decided to add it to this post.

The meal was good. It came with three Enchiladas and a little bit of sour cream. The rice was good and the charro beans were good too. I think this was a good portion. I have gotten these before, and thought they were a little bigger than the ones I got today, but I might be wrong. Over all good meal. I think for this place, the salsa is just the best! I love their salsa and green salsa too! Just great stuff I could eat non-stop.

Pros- Good meal, Came with a little bit of Sour Cream.

Cons- The portion wasn't as big as I remembered, and the chicken seemed a little chewy.


OK, so that is my take on the places I have been for Chicken Enchiladas in the Cypress area. This was not a "Best Enchiladas of Cypress" article, but if I had to choose one to top the list, I think it would have to be Alicia's! It is just a really good, fresh and filling meal. And the chips and salsa are really good too, so it just makes for a very satisfying meal.

 I hope you found this interesting. If you are reading this and thinking " Ron, you have not lived until you try the Enchiladas from ( insert place)", then please let me know so I can go check it out!!

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