First Day of School in Cypress, Tx 2013

Posted by Ron Grant on Monday, August 26th, 2013 at 9:43am.

School Crossing SignToday is the first day of school here in NW Houston. The kids of Cypress, Tx are walking to school, and riding their bikes to school and standing on the corners waiting for the bus. Concerned parents are standing at the end of the driveway trying to keep their eye on the kids for a long as they can as they head off to school with their friends. This is always a busy time . Traffic is bad because parents take off of work to make sure the kids get to school ok, and want to be home when the kids get home to hear all about the first day. It is a special time, but also hectic. My youngest daughter drives to school for the first time by herself this morning. She is a junior, and it is hard to let go. " Text us when you get there!" we tell her, so we know she makes it ok. There are many cars today with kids driving to high school for the first time alone in the Cypress area. You have to really be mindful of that when driving during the school year. Many folks jump in the car in the morning, late for work, and speed down the road and come up on a car doing the speed limit, using their signals, and driving carefully. The late driver gets angry, starts tail gating the "slow" car, then dangerously speeds around it. Please remember that that person in that car doing the speed limit might be my kid, or someone else's teenager making their solo flight to school. Give Them a Break! You were young once, and careful when you drove, and if you have young kids, you will know how I feel when you send your kid off to school by themselves. So slow down, be patient, think about how it might be a student driver just being careful like their parents asked, and leave a little bit earlier to make up for the increased traffic during this school year to ease the stress. School is back in session and so be mindful of the kids in cars, on the streets waiting for the bus, walking to school, or riding their bikes! Thank you!

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