Wild Birds Unlimited - Cypress, Tx. - Now Open!

Posted by Ron Grant on Monday, November 24th, 2014 at 7:33pm.

A month ago, I wrote about Wild Birds Unlimited coming to the Randalls shopping center at 290 and Barker Cypress. (12320 Barker Cypress Road, Suite 500 Cypress, TX 77429 )

Well, it is now OPEN!

My wife wanted to run over there and check it out, so we headed over to see what they had.

It is a really nice store, with many different items available for nature related activities.

They had their own brand of quality bird seed, and if you pay for a membership, you get 15% off on the seed. They had coffee cups, nice clocks, stuffed animal birds and a wide variety of feeders for many different types of birds. And, I didn't ask, but I think they even had a bat house! You can see it in the below picture on the wall by the TV.

Below is a picture of some of the feeders they offer as well as the large assortment of pole accessories. You can build a pretty elaborate pole to fit all of your bird feeding needs.

My wife wanted many items they had, but she settled on a feeder style she didn't have yet. It was called a Flying Start Feeder, and it just hangs from a tree branch or a pole, and this has three different types of seed on it.

If you are a bird lover, and enjoy offering your birds a nice place to feed, then check out Wild Birds Unlimited, right here in Cypress, Texas. You might find a neat feeder you don't have yet, that your birds will love!

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